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Tips to Think like a Professional Photographer

We've all seen them... photographs that capture a moment so powerfully!

The beauty of an animal, the depth of colors of a landscape, the tear on a child's face. Here are some tips to help you improve your picture taking skills!

Closer is Better

Using the zoom feature on your camera to get a closer image is an option. However, when possible, moving closer to your subject is the better choice. During our photography workshops we provide you with the best ways to use your camera settings to take a picture of a bear that looks like you were a lot closer than you will be! However, when it is not a safety issue, move closer!

Reposition for a better background

Have you ever thought you took a great picture, just to realize when viewing it later that there is a flowering tree behind that beautiful human that looks like it is growing out of their head? Hate it when that happens! Taking the time to review the entire frame for the purpose of repositioning to eliminate distracting elements is one step in making a good photo a great one.

Capture the Emotion

Photographs that have the subject in the exact middle of the frame often do not relate the impression and emotion as strongly as those that position the subject off center. While it is true that you can crop the photo after the fact to change positioning, it does not provide as powerful of a result.

When to use Flash

Seasoned photographers make use of the flash feature far more often than you might expect. Flash is a valuable tool during daytime hours to minimize shadows on faces, enhance colors, and add a crisper definition.


One of the greatest impacts on becoming proficient at anything is practice, practice, practice! Capturing incredible images that make good photography better requires a lot of practice! It is true that trained professional photographers have an incredible eye and vision for the subject, but they also have spent years of learning their camera and honing their skills.


Most importantly, photographers that are ready to change from good to great take education courses to improve their knowledge and skillset, and to learn new techniques.

Our photography education courses and workshops will enhance your talents whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned photographer. We strive to provide a learning environment that is quality, supportive, and fun! Visit our Education Page and join us for a class, we’d love to meet you!


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