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Learn how to Master Exposure and Pursue your Passion in Capturing the absolute best images in-camera from the Nation’s Leader in Photography Education. Whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate, or advanced photographer, we can improve and elevate your photographic skills to the next level. You will develop skills from essential to master level photography through online and in-person training and tutorials.

Perfect Light Camera & Supply was opened in 2008 by Christopher Balmer and has quickly become the Nation's leader in photography education with over 15,000 classroom students from across the United States and even more online students. Our goal is to educate on how to Master Your Camera – to push the capabilities of which ever camera you are holding, to its full extent. Learn from professional and experienced photographers with hands-on examples and online teaching. You will understand how to capture the best possible exposure, color, and composition in-camera, in any lighting situation. Explore our expanding photography education line up from introductory to professional photography encompassing a multitude of fields of study including wildlife, landscape, & portrait photography.

Reoccurring classes by Christopher Balmer include:

Beginner/Intermediate Photography ~ Intermediate/Advanced Photography ~ How To Win Contests & Sell Your Images

Mastering Nature Photography ~ Creating Efficiency & Consistency ~ The Art of Seeing ~ Histograms & Metering

Additional Classes:

Nikon NX Studio ~ Canon Digital Photo Professional ~ Landscape Photography ~ Composition ~ Astro Basics ~ and more!