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Let’s Get Better at Still Life Photography

The ability to take an inanimate item and give it life and energy through the eye of a camera lens is a daunting task. Making something ordinary become extraordinary requires incredible talent, and most still life photographers will tell you they garnered their talent from hundreds of hours of practice.

A wonderful aspect of still life photography is it encourages you to become more creative than you have been in your photography pursuits. And compared to other types of photography, still life typically requires a lower investment in equipment.

Another wonderful advantage of still life photography is you get to control every single aspect of the shot.

When you are ready to Get Better at Still Life Photography, this information will come in handy.

Be Patient and Remember:

Photography Is Not a Perfect Art Form


Choosing which equipment to use is easiest for still life photography because you can simply use what you currently have. To get started does not require an investment in special cameras, lenses, or accessories and to add special lighting you can use lamps, flashlights, or move the items into sunlight.

When your skills progress and your interest in still life photography grows, you will accomplish improved results with the addition of specific cameras, lenses, accessories, and lighting equipment.

Plan Your Creative Concept

Get creative and have fun with the planning process. A starting point might be to consider your other hobbies; do they include items like bicycles, gardening tools, antiques, board games, to name a few. Enjoy combining your passion for photography with your other hobbies. Start looking around and see what catches your attention, and gather those items. Choose a couple of them and start with a simple arrangement. Add and subtract as your ideas expand. When you're ready, add the lighting, move it around to see the transformation of highlights, reflections, and shadows.

As your journey into still life photography matures, you will begin to use intent with each project, seeking a specific context, creating a message that will capture the viewers attention.

We are here to help you! We offer online courses that will support your growth as a photographer, whether you are just getting started or have years of experience. Visit our Education Page to learn about our upcoming courses.


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