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Q&A with Christopher 2024.02.17

Did you miss it?

Now you can take advantage of the most recent Q&A with Christopher Balmer by jumping in below. This will give you an idea of what to expect during our monthly Q&A.

Every month, Christopher will hold a LIVE Q&A via Zoom! If you have questions, you can always submit those ahead of time. If you missed the last one - here you go.

Our Pro photographer & Lead Instructor Christopher Balmer, is joining us from his home in Montana to answer your questions on the skills and techniques of photography and mastering exposure.

Check out his video below and let us know if you have questions that you would like to have answered during our NEXT Q&A with CHRISTOPHER. You can do that by following the LINK below the video! Generally, these Q&A's will not be recorded!


For Joining Us.

The next LIVE Q&A takes place March 13, 2024 - Wednesday - 7-8pm Mountain Time.

Here is where you can submit your questions 👇🏽


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