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WHY Go with us to Africa?

With all the people offering inexpensive or very very expensive Africa trips, remember…..

Ask the company you are looking at if they offer the following…


We have been taking photographer groups to Africa every year and sometimes more  for over 15 years now. We have most of the same guides and staff we have had from the very beginning and they have become like family to us and treat our guests the same. 

Over many years we have found locations that offer a better experience and less people than the typical well known places such as Tanzania and Kenya. These locations offer better wildlife experiences and sightings, no crowds, some of the very  best food in Africa, amazing accommodations, the best guides in all of Africa guaranteed and experiences that will change your life and perspectives. 

**The one thing we do have that no one can match is that we have exclusivity when we are at these lodges. (We are the only groups that have it in the industry) What does that mean?

We have the entire lodge, all of the Safari vehicles, all of the guides, all of the trackers and the entire staff catering to our needs, and our timetables. We choose to stay on a sighting or not, we choose when we go out on game drives, we choose when to have meals, etc. It truly changes the entire experience and makes it an African trip that we guarantee no one can or will match. 

Our pricing is the very best you will find anywhere for this type of experience. We were able to work out pricing and exclusivity years ago and are far less expensive than anyone out there and they do not have exclusivity.

Wildlife : (Note: No captive animals , fully wild experiences) The highest density of leopards in Africa, (We have great closeup sightings of them everyday with no crowds ever)  Giraffe, Rhinos, Elephants, Lions, 100’s of species of birds,  Hippos, Cheetahs, Wildebeest, Cape buffalo, Big African crocodiles, African wild dogs and so so much more!!

We offer photo education at a different level than most anyone in our field. These are not just a photo tour so your guide can get a free trip to Africa to take their own pictures. This is truly a learning experience and how to master your camera, not a computer. Christopher has nearly 50 years experience as a photographer and has taught over 18,000 classroom students and thousands more online. He has shot 35mm / Medium format, large format film and has shot with essentially every make and model of camera including digital that you can imagine. over the last 49 years.

He has hosted and instructed workshops throughout the world over the last 15 years and sells his fine art images in over 26 countries worldwide.  He also has owned two pro level camera shops the last 15 years and and answers questions for  thousands of people throughout the world coming into his stores every year with every type of camera and problem you can imagine which gives him an edge over any instructor you will find in person or online. 

Note: Christopher’s images have no editing . His teaching style reflects that. He chooses to not edit  and encourages that people master their gear first and computer software second.  He also encourages others to do what they love and that their art is their art and they need to pursue their art form in the way that best expresses what they feel. 

The last thing, in Africa, we have Ronel :) Our dear friend in Africa that makes sure everything and I mean everything runs perfectly throughout the trip. No checking in and out of hotels, no worrying about how to get through customs and airports in different countries, no worries if you forgot or need meds, no worries if something happens back home and you need to leave early, she takes care of flights, transportation and everything. You won't even realize needs taken care of, are already done before you even realize it. She is exclusive to us, a dear friend and simply indispensable when in Africa. I can say with confidence that there is no one like her in a time of need. 

*We have the HIGHEST return rate of clients than anyone in our industry. We have over 90% of our clients return year after year with us. In fact most sign up for the following year before we even leave Africa. 

If you want to spend your hard earned money on simply the best African experience you will find anywhere at any price, look no further than Perfect Light Camera, Yellowstone Camera and Photo Adventure Workshops.  We do offer the best experience and the best pricing for that experience anywhere…..

(Our trips are amazing for the non photographer as well)



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