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Brazil Photo Tour / Workshop

A Unique Jaguar & Wildlife Experience

2022 SOLD OUT!

Experience an international wildlife photography workshop that journeys into the heart of Jaguar country in the midst of the Pantanal. Stay at a beautiful lodge for the next several days that includes all meals. The search for these magnificent cats won’t be difficult as we will take part in daily boat excursions to search for jaguars that line the rivers here. Jaguars will not avoid the water and are quite good at swimming. So be prepared to capture beautiful images of South America’s most beautiful cats both on land and in the water on the Brazil photo tour. Macaws, herons and a host of bird species, large and small, reside deep in the Pantanal, which is home to over 1,000 species.

Home to over a 1,000 species of birds, Brazil provides a wonderland of opportunities for even the most enthusiastic of birders! Macaws, herons, and over 1,000 species of birds make their home in the Pantanal of Brazil.

The cuisine served here never disappoints with local dishes highlighting the flavors of Brazil. An abundance of wildlife scurries about, stopping just long enough as if to pose for a photo shoot. Float down the waterways and capture world class stunning photographs of jaguars, ever on the hunt!

The tropical warmth here is a blanket that surrounds and comforts as you become more and more immersed into South Americas largest concentration of wildlife. The wind itself carries with it the scent of wildness and the rawness of an untouched and undefiled land. Life is ever present in the Pantanal and the circle of life endures here.

Truly, this journey holds a plethora of both landscape and wildlife photography opportunities to capture the best of both worlds. You have one life, so make the most of the journey and join us in Brazil for a photo adventure of a lifetime.



2022 Dates SOLD OUT!!

October 20-29, 2022 $5,495 per person $900 Single Supplement $1,900 Deposit

Deposits and Balances please pay in cash or check.

CC will incur a 3.5% merchant processing fee.

Portion of Deposit is fully non-refundable due to purchase

of airfare immediately.

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