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Iceland Photo Tour / Workshop 2022 SOLD OUT!!!

Magical Photo Tour Through Surreal Landscapes

Join us on an international travel photography workshop to experience Iceland's natural wonders and a glimpse of the Northern lights for a landscape photographer's dream come true. Simply magical. Emerald ribbons dance above the heavens in a cosmic ballet, effortlessly engaged in an adagio that evokes wonder and amazement. Black volcanic sand beaches line the shoreline that contrast heavily against the frosted waves that extend their touch to reach out and lay their gifts upon the waters edge.

Beautifully sculpted turquoise remnants of nearby icebergs adorn the beaches here. In a land with practically 10,000 waterfalls – it’s difficult to not fall in love with this natural wonder of a land.

Take a moment and step behind one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland, Seljalandsfoss, and experience the rush of every photographer’s dream – capturing moments unlike anything you’ve yet experienced!

Along the countryside, draw close enough to a noble breed, full of spirit and life – the

Icelandic Horse – finding their heritage dating back to the Vikings who settled here centuries before. Although smaller in stature, their strength is every bit a further reflection of this island wonder known as Iceland. The landscape is embellished with geysers and glaciers, basalt pillars rising from the ocean, and fields of lava rock and volcanoes rising on the horizon.

Join us on this photo tour as we gaze into the raw beauty of Iceland’s natural wonders painted on the landscapes, photograph these moments that reveal moments few get to experience, unwind and relax in the hot springs that have rejuvenating qualities and interact with some of the most enjoyable people on earth.



2022 SOLD OUT!!!

October 18-28, 2022 -SOLD OUT

Iceland Tour Costs

$4995 cost for Single

$7395 cost for Double

Deposit $1500 Single / $2200 Double

Balance Due - By July 15th, 2022

Registration: please pay in cash or check.

CC will incur a 3.5% merchant processing fee.

November 10-17, 2021 - SOLD OUT

November 5-13, 2017 - SOLD OUT

December 2-9, 2016 - SOLD OUT