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Alaska Photo Tour / Workshop


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Experience Eagles and Stunning Alaskan Beauty

Alaska eagles photo tour is the opportunity of a lifetime to capture images of eagles in flight, perching, fishing, striking their prey on the waters surface. Once nearly extinct, this magnificent raptor rules the skies in the wilds of Alaska. Clearly one of the most recognizable birds in the United States – the bald eagle has become a symbol of lasting freedom. The coastal waters of Alaska provide a rich and abundant feeding ground for these skilled aerialists. With a limited group size of only 5 participants, most photographers capture at least 15,000-20,000 images during this workshop.

Join Christopher Balmer as he hosts this workshop and takes you on a photographic journey through Alaska. Christopher will also be instructing on how to master your camera throughout the workshop.



2025 Dates: NOW BOOKING!!!

February 23 - February 28, 2025 - SPACE STLL AVAILABLE

$4,795 per person $2,000 Deposit

Balance Due November 1, 2024

Deposits and Balances please pay in cash or check.

CC or Online pay will incur a 3.5% merchant processing fee.

Fly In: Homer, Alaska - February 23rd

Boat Dates Feb 24,25,26,27, & 28

Feb 28 is a half day - allowing for an evening flight home.

Lodging, Meals, & Tips not included!

March 1 - March 6, 2025 - SOLD OUT!

$4,795 per person $2,000 Deposit

Balance Due November 1, 2024

Deposits and Balances please pay in cash or check.

CC or Online pay will incur a 3.5% merchant processing fee.

Boat Dates March 2,3,4,5, & 6

Mar 6 is a half day - allowing for an evening flight home.

Lodging, Meals, & Tips not included!


February 24 - February 29, 2024 - SOLD OUT! $4,795 per person

March 1 - March 6, 2024 - SOLD OUT! $4,795 per person

March 4 - March 10, 2023 - SOLD OUT!



Skill Level

Beginner to Pro

Great Trip for Non-Photographers

Good understanding of manual mode and the exposure triangle is "highly" recommended. We recommend, no matter what your skill level is, that you take Christopher's Beginner/Intermediate and his Intermediate/Advanced courses before attending this workshop.

Your Photographer / Guides

Christopher Balmer

Harold Klein

What's Included

  • Ground Transportation during the workshop

  • Guides during the workshop

  • Boat excursions

What's Not Included

  • Lodging

  • Flights or transportation to Homer, Alaska.

  • Meals

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Excessive baggage fees

  • Gratuities: Suggested Gratuities are: $25 per person/per day - Please provide cash for your Boat Captain's tip.

  • Airline Fees / Insurance / Passports / Personal Expenses

  • Any additional tours, activities, etc. not expressly mentioned in the workshop.

  • Laundry (there is an on-site facility)

  • Any emergency services, if necessary.

What Should I Wear?

  • Layers, layers, LAYERS

  • Long underwear

  • Vest or light fleece jacket

  • Heavy duty jacket or Rain coat

  • Good fingerless gloves with liners

  • Waterproof gaiters

  • Lightweight rain pants

  • Canvas pants or Ranger pants

  • Neoprene gloves

  • Warm hat

  • Hand Warmers - Get them prior to arriving in Homer - they are expensive here.

Suggested Photo Gear

  • 1-2 Camera bodies

  • 28-300 lens/70-200 lens (you’ll want lenses in the 200-300 range)

  • Extra memory cards

  • External hard drive / 1TB or 2TB Hard Drive

  • A few good large memory cards (Test them before leaving home)

  • 2-3 Fully charged Factory batteries for each camera (Test them before leaving home)

  • Battery Chargers for your camera batteries (Don't forget these)

  • Memory Card Readers

  • Small laptop

  • Rain sleeves I can't recommend enough that you test your batteries, memory cards, lenses and all of your equipment before leaving home.

Here's What's in my Bag (Christopher's Gear of Choice)

I am personally taking a 20mm 1.8 / 24-120mm F4, 70-200mm F2.8 and also a 1.4x teleconverter as my lenses. Most everything will be pretty close and so in most cases you will not need longer lenses.

The only time you might want one is perch shots on trees while on shore, but even then you can usually get very close. If you would like to carry a larger lens it is up to you.

I am also taking my Z9 and Z6 II as camera bodies.

Important Tips To Remember

  • Remember to carry all batteries including those for cameras, heated vests, socks, headlamps, etc. with you on the plane. They will be confiscated if checked in your luggage.

  • There isn't a supply chain for gear where you are going - Double Check to make sure everything you bring is working and batteries and cards are in good working condition.

Hundreds of eagles every day pierce the sky and plummet to the water’s surface below grasping their prey with razor-sharp talons.

Ever watchful, the intentioned gaze of these creatures penetrates past flesh and bone to the very heart – to the place inside where wonder and awe still reside.

If you’ve ever longed to capture images that convey the essence of freedom in the wilds of Alaska – the kind of images you would be proud to print and display in your home or local art gallery – then this is the trip for you.

Alaska photo tour is limited to only 5 participants, you will receive as much guidance as you find necessary to capture at least 15,000 – 20,000 images during this workshop.


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