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Practical Hands-On Workshops

You have one life – Live it!  Our international and regional workshops are designed to help you experience Life by engaging with the colors, composition and cultures of this world.  Joining our excursions is a journey in life experience and education.  Whether immersing yourself in the culture, getting up close to the wildlife, or taking in the grand vistas before you – we are here to experience these moments with you.  Many of our workshops will include 2 to 3 instructors available to assist with getting National Geographic quality images while understanding the settings and techniques behind the photography.

Proven Experience

Christopher Balmer, owner of Photo Adventure Workshops, Perfect Light Camera and The Yellowstone Camera Store has been photographing for over 30 years and teaching over 15,000 class room students in the past 13 years.  Having a passion for life and capturing significant moments worth photographing, he has not only taught others how to do so – he has also surrounded himself with a team of photographers who share his passion for imparting knowledge and skill in photography as well.

International Workshop Info Request

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