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When does a love for Taking Pictures make you a Photographer?

You have a passion that is close to a true love for taking pictures. Your family, friends, and even social followers have said you take incredible pictures with a unique point of view. So perhaps you have wondered what is the difference between you, and a Photographer?

It's a very good question, and there are a variety of answers, and the conversation needs to include the Professional Photographer, a good starting point as it is easiest to define!

What is the definition of a Professional Photographer? A professional photographer is one who gets paid for their photographs. Further defined, it is a photographer who is capable of delivering photographs based on a set of detailed specifications, on a determined time-line, and for an agreed upon price. The challenge of performing to these pre-determined specifications is a lot harder than it may seem. Making a living as a Professional Photographer, like most careers, requires much more than talent.

Now let's talk about the definition of a Photographer. An easy comparison is to think about being a good cook vs. being a chef. Anyone who takes a picture could be called a photographer, just like a good cook could be called a chef. A photographer has studied the skills needed to become better at photography. They have studied the principles of photography, from the many camera settings like shutter speed and lens selection to capturing an amazing picture considering the composition elements like foreground and background and positioning, to name a few.

How does someone who enjoys taking pictures move through the phases to becoming a Professional Photographer? The ability to move through the phases of photography, from taking pictures to studying photography to earning an income as a professional photographer has proven historically to not be a quick or short path. Most Professional Photographers will share with you the years of time they've spent improving their skill, the educational courses and training they've undertaken, the substantial amount of money they have spent on their career path, and the multitude of pictures they took before they made their first dollar as a photographer.

Photography is an incredible hobby and career. We love what we do as photographers and educators. If you are ready to improve your photography skill, join us for one of our education courses or international travel photography workshops.


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