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To Tripod or Not?

At some point in most Photographers journey they decide to invest in a Tripod. For some that happens early on as they strive to capture their best possible still life photo. For others the decision happens after a few years of using and learning their camera equipment. The question To Tripod or Not has a different answer and a different timeframe for every photographer! Professional photographers will tell you there is a time and place where you need to use a Tripod, and if you intend to explore quality photography, you will buy one someday.

We created this quick list of why you would Tripod:

  • When it's Important to have your Hands Free

  • Better ability to utilize Camera Settings

  • Easier on your body if you use larger, heavier lenses

  • Planned, Precise, Focused Photos versus Instinct, Rapid Capture Photos

  • Save your Planned Shot while you explore other options

Tripods have a wide price range, from $100 to over $500. Their prices are typically a direct reflection on the quality of the equipment. Whether you intend to use it all of the time or infrequently, it is definitely worth spending more to buy a higher quality, lighter Tripod.

Want to learn more about what Tripod would be the best fit for your intended use? Give us a call and we'll be glad to help guide you in this decision.

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