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Schedule for our Photo Adventure Workshops in Galapagos 2023

GALAPAGOS & PANAMA - APRIL 18th - 27th, 2023 Galapagos Islands 2023

Airfare is included in price - originating from Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, you will need to secure flights or transportation to Las Vegas.

Although lodging is included during the dates of the workshop, we suggest obtaining an extra nights stay in Las Vegas upon your return as our flight will be arriving later that evening.

Day 1 - April 18: Depart from Las Vegas to Guayaquil on an overnight flight.

Day 2 - April 19: Overnight flight from Las Vegas to Guayaquil with a connection in Panama. Rest at the beautiful Sheraton in Guayaquil to prepare for your adventure!

Day 3 - April 20: Enjoy a quick morning flight to the Galapagos Islands! With year-round temperatures ranging from 70 to 85 degrees, you will enjoy a perfect climate on your tours. Today you will start your adventure in San Cristobal, one of the 19 islands comprising Galapagos Islands. Early afternoon, you will be visiting La Loberia beach which is full of sea lions basking in the sun! With a lack of natural predators, wildlife are not afraid of humans which allows you to get close to an amazing variety of animals and species unique to the Galapagos Islands.

Day 4 - April 21: Today is the Eco 360 Tour! We will board 2 beautiful boats to travel to Rosa Blanca Bay known for its crystal clear waters and spectacular scenery. Enjoy the white powder sand or snorkel in the bay. Expect to see beautiful fish and sea turtles! Then, you will relax in the beautiful Bahia Sardina and eat lunch on the boat. Next, enjoy the beach and the scenery and wildlife you will encounter! With 97% of the Galapagos Islands designated as a national park, you will experience unparalleled scenery and feel like you are exploring an untouched world! Finally, we will go to Kicker Rock. Enjoy spectacular optional snorkeling with sea turtles, and friendly hammerhead sharks!

Day 5 - April 22: Board the Via Mar ferry early this morning to travel from San Cristobal to Santa Cruz Island. Santa Cruz is located in the center of the archipelago. Then we travel to see the Galapagos giant tortoises! These creatures are the largest species of tortoises in the world and are indigenous to the Galapagos Islands. On our way down the mountain we will make a quick stop at a shop that carves wooden replicas of the animals you encounter on your trip to make perfect souvenirs. This evening we will walk to dinner close to the hotel!

Day 6 - April 23: This morning optional church services/free time. Then, you are off to Tortuga Bay where you will encounter many Marine Iguanas that can only be found in the Galapagos Islands! These amazing large creatures are the only lizards in the world that live and forage at sea. The adults are black for most of the year, but the males change colors during mating season. The iguanas are slow on land, but are fast swimmers! The rest of the day is free time where you can enjoy nearby coastline, shops, and plenty of wonderful restaurants within walking distance.

Day 7 - April 24: Today we shuttle up to the north side of the island. Remember to bring your hiking shoes because we will be hiking on our tour of North Seymour and Las Bachas beach. Walk by the nesting grounds of blue footed boobies. Stroll along the white sand of Bachas beach and enjoy the turquoise waters. You may encounter pink flamingos at the lagoon! We will then board a boat to snorkel with sea lions and sea turtles and some of the 400 species of fish found at the island! Also, you may observe penguins! (Penguins at the Equator ?!?) This all-day tour will be unforgettable!!

Day 8 - April 25: Today we fly to Panama with a connection to Guayaquil. We will be transported 30 minutes to the Summit Rainforest & Golf Lodge. It is surrounded by lush rainforests. Enjoy exploring your new surroundings this afternoon.

Day 9 - April 26: Early this morning you will board small boats to sail up the Charro River to the indigenous Embera Indian Tribe. Your experience here is like living in a National Geographic Special. From the beautiful river, to waterfalls (great place for a dip), to tattooed natives dancing for you, to eating a lunch prepared right from the jungle...WHAT A DAY!!!

Day 10 - April 27: Today is a bonding day with nature. At a small port near the resort, we will boat into the canal, next to the huge container ships, making our way to Monkey Island. Our small boat will get close to the island so that the monkeys can hop aboard for a banana snack. Enjoy a later morning and prepare for your Panama Canal adventure. You cannot visit Panama and not learn about the canal. The best info stop is the MiraFlores Locks. Transfer to the airport for your non-stop return

to Las Vegas.

$4,395 per person $720 Single Supplement for single travelers

Payment in Full at time of Reservation Balance Due upon registration

Registration: please pay in cash or check.

CC will incur a 3.5% merchant processing fee.


Lodging throughout the photo tour workshops as outlined in schedule.

  • Lodging through the workshop

  • Roundtrip Flight from Las Vegas, NV to Guayaquil with a connection in Panama

  • Some meals as mentioned in itinerary - some lunches and all dinners are not included

  • Transport during the trip while in Galapagos & Panama


  • Some lunches and all dinners

  • Gratuities: Suggested Gratuities are: $25 per day per person

  • Flight or transportation to Las Vegas, NV for departing flight.

  • Additional night suggested upon arrival back into Las Vegas as it will be a late flight.

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Excessive baggage fees

Inclusions: Roundtrip airfare from Vegas, all activities per itinerary, lodging, and transfers.

Not included: Some lunches and all dinners. Tips for guides.

Note: We’re in the Galapagos Islands - be sure to see the suggested packing list on the main Galapagos & Panama Photography Workshop page!



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