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Discovering Your Photographic Style

When you drive through a neighborhood you will notice each house is painted a different color, uses different trim elements, and has different types of cars parked out front. You might consider that to be a reflection of the homeowner’s style.

Photography is an art form, and as you view the work of Professional Photographers you will begin your journey of Discovering your own Photographic Style. Over the past several hundred years, photography has evolved into a large variety of types and styles.

Here is a list of some common Photography Types










Black and White

And Many More…

As you spend more time viewing the photography of others, it becomes clear that within each Type of Photography there is also a Photographers Unique Style.

When you travel, attend a gathering, or walk in a park; what captures your eye? What inspires you to want to photograph in that moment? The answers are an insight into your Photographic Style.

Enjoy the comparative journey below reflecting Photographic Style. These photographs were taken by our Photography Educators on our Education Workshop Adventures.

Visit our International Travel Photography Workshops page to learn about our upcoming Journeys!

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