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Travel Photography Packing Tips

We've all done it before! Over-Packed for a trip and carried around some clothing and personal items for the entire trip, that we ultimately did not wear or use.

When you add camera and the related equipment needed for a travel photography trip, you can quickly find out that you are facing an even bigger challenge to not over-pack!

The team of professional photographers at Yellowstone Camera Store have spent many years traveling around the world providing photography education to our customers. We've learned a lot about the do's and do not's when preparing and packing for a photography based trip. Here are some Planning & Packing topics for you to study and consider to you prepare for your photography travel adventure.

Choose the most suitable luggage and camera equipment travel bags

Acquire a backpack for your travel day trips

Create a Shot List and determine your travel plan to support the Shot list

Invest in a Travel Tripod

Carry a portable backup drive to store photo digital files

Prepare for your Equipment safety and protection

Learn and respect Local Customs & Etiquette

Study the destination for Travel Safety

One of the best ways to enjoy your first International Photography Trip is to join us on one of our International Travel Photography Workshop Adventures! We provide the organization and travel planning to provide an incredible and enjoyable travel adventure! Learn More


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