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Night Sky Photography Tips to Get Started

Our world is so beautiful, and a Night Sky View is profoundly beautiful. If the depth of sky color, amazing cloud formations, and stunning stars haves captured your attention, and you've wondered how to capture that expansive beauty in a photo, this article will help you Get Started on your Astrophotography Journey!


Now that the Dark Sky has captured your attention, you will likely be searching for options near you, or planning a vacation to visit some well known Night Sky locations. Here's a short list of ten revered USA Night Sky destinations. (listed alphabetically by State)

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, CA

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve, FL

Craters of the Moon National Monument, ID

Headlands, MI

Cosmic Campground, NM

Cherry Springs State Park, PA

Dead Horse Point State Park, UT

Steinaker State Park, UT

Canyonlands National Park, UT

Interested in International Renowned Night Sky locations? Visit the International Dark-Sky Association website, it's filled with great information to support your learning.

Here are Additional Tips to help you expand your interest in AstroPhotography:


There are many variables involved in accessing your perfect location, as well as setting up your equipment, that a trail run during day light is always recommended as a safety precaution as well as revealing any unusual/unplanned aspects of your destination plan.


It's logical that any real bad weather is a deterrent for viewing and photographing a beautiful night sky. In addition to keeping an eye on the weather forecast, it's also important to learn the moonrise and set schedule for your area. Moonrise and set times affect how much natural light is in the sky and how long it lasts.


There was a time in our world, a hundred or so years ago, when everyone could look up and see an incredible starry night sky. The widespread use of artificial light use at night is adversely affecting our night sky views. This is light pollution, a side effect of the industrialized civilization. As you pursue your interest in Night Sky Photography you will quickly learn how extensive light pollution has reached.


Just like any powerful photo, determining the focus is where it starts. Perhaps you want to capture a specific mountain top portrayed against a night sky, or a certain cloud shape that forms right in front of you in that beautiful night sky, or a more fun approach with a friend reaching their arms out as if holding up the moon!


Yes there are specific equipment items that will be best for your venture into Astrophotography. The best choices for you are dependent on variables that are unique to you, so give us a call to discuss equipment.


Professional photographers, just like any other professional, did not capture those incredible images on the first, second, or third shot they took. We are Nationally Renowned photographers, and we always encourage our students to recognize we have spent years and millions of images captured to achieve our level of success.

Our passion for providing reasonably priced photography education has led us to create online courses to help you grow your skills. Visit our Photography Education page for upcoming class dates.


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