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Good things to know as you head to Yellowstone National Park

Below are several items we often get asked about here at the Yellowstone Camera Store. You might have the same questions as well! Knowing some of these items in advance might make your trip to Yellowstone that much better!

So, in no particular order, here we go!

  • Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks are open 24/7. You can enter/exit thru any of the open gates as you wish! At the time of this writing, the NE & South gates to Yellowstone are still closed due to snow! We strongly encourage entering the parks early for sunrise, greater animal visibility & activity so do take advantage of round the clock access!

  • All National Park facilities/buildings do enforce a mask rule indoors! Outside, masks are encouraged in locations where you cannot safely self distance, like the boardwalk around Old Faithful during eruptions as it can get quite crowded.

  • Regarding social distancing...Wolves & Bears = 100 yards...Elk, Bison, Deer =25 yards, Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill = 6 feet!!;))

  • Drones, QuadCopters or any other similar craft are strictly banned in Yellowstone & Grand Teton. You will lose your drone and may end up with a hefty fine, so please do not bring them into the parks!

  • These parks are HUGE!! Speed limits in the parks are 45mph or less. There are generally frequent pull outs...let others will be amazed at how much more you might see by slowing down!!

  • Dunraven Pass between Canyon Village & Tower Junction in Yellowstone is closed for another full year for a huge road construction project which started last summer! Projected opening of the pass is May 2022! Keep that in mind as you plan your travels in the park this summer!


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