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Deciding whether to Buy or Rent Camera Equipment

Whether you are an amateur or seasoned photographer ~

Or take photographs for fun or with the intent to sell ~

You have probably considered whether it's best for you to rent or buy equipment!

The decision to Buy or Rent your gear has strong arguments in favor of both considerations. The ultimate decision may be to do some of both! Here are a list of the Pros for buying and for renting. Because every photographer is very unique in their current and future use of camera equipment we hope this list will provide you a starting point as you ponder the Buy it or Rent it topic!

We sell and rent camera equipment at both of our stores: Camera Sales & Rentals

Pros for Renting

Save upfront costs

Experiment before you buy

Flexibility for specific projects

Does not depreciate

Intended one time use

Less to carry on travel, avoiding extra luggage fees

Pros for Buying

Expands your Personal Photo Equipment Kit

Best knowledge of your gear really

Cutting edge current specs

Better investment if you will use it frequently

Always available for use

Option to rent your equipment to others

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