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Yellowstone Photography Symposium: Premiere Educational Conference

Yellowstone Grand Prismatic from a powered parachute

Symposium Directives
May 15 - 17 2024 Symposium Dates

Join us for a photography conference that can take you on a journey through

Mastering your Camera with a level of understanding and insight few rarely achieve.

Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding ecosystem provide the perfect learning ground to explore master level techniques while photographing in one of the worlds most unique playgrounds. The Yellowstone Photography Symposium has served as the premiere educational conference in mastering your camera since 2017.

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Three Full Days of Engaging Photographic Instruction:

West Yellowstone, Montana

The Greater Yellowstone Photography Symposium (YPS) provides a gathering for wildlife, landscape & nature photographers who are passionate about capturing the natural beauty of this world while being mindful to care for the wild places we live amongst.

Our goal presenting this symposium is to provide you with the opportunity to understand and photograph Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding Yellowstone Ecosystem with a level of understanding and insight few rarely achieve.



and learn from experts in the fields of nature & wildlife photography of the Greater Yellowstone Basin.


yourself into three days of disciplines that will give you the opportunity to understand, practice and improve your nature photographic skills.


with a wide spectrum of photographers from industry ambassadors, professional shooters, seasoned instructors and a cadre of photographers dedicated to help you master your camera.

Choose to care

for the places we love to photograph with an intention to conserve these spaces for future generations.

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Unique to this photography conference is our primary focus of helping you to

master your camera

to learn how to capture the best quality images in-camera! If you are also looking for a hands-on approach, consider joining a guided park tour post-conference on Saturday or Sunday. Also, enjoy opportunities to learn new ideas and techniques during our scheduled courses and then practice those during morning and evening personal shooting times.

Join us

in one of the most magical geological and interesting natural systems in the world...

Yellowstone National Park.

Symposium Fee:

Early Bird: $499 - thru 10/31/23

Regular Cost: $599 Nov '23 - May '24

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