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No Rooms Required

The "VIRTUAL" Symposium

May 10-15, 2021

The Yellowstone Photography Symposium is an annual event held in West Yellowstone. The purpose - to provide the best education in wildlife, landscape and nature photography. Every year we bring together a cadre of photographic instructors to challenge, inspire and instruct in the skills and art of photography, while providing hands-on opportunities to photograph in one of the most unique national parks in the world.

After much thought and consideration for the well being of our guests this year in 2021, we have decided that the best course of action is to provide an alternative “Virtual Symposium.”

Our goal is to provide you with the best overall experience, both in quality and safety. As a result of occupancy limits for group gatherings due to CoVid-19 and size of venue that we would be gathering in, along with all of our reps from Nikon, Canon, Tamron, etc - being restricted to travel during this time period - we've decided to take a different approach.

Save the cost of staying in a hotel - no room is required for the event this year!

Six days of "LIVE" virtual training. You can check out the schedule below!

Photography Adventure Workshop Tour in Iceland
Yellowstone Photography Symposium in West Yellowstone

Six Days of Photographic Instruction: Yellowstone at your Door - VIRTUALLY

Our goal presenting this symposium is to provide you with the opportunity to understand and develop skills in photography that will translate to wherever you are in the world. Learn how to capture the best images in-camera! Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding Yellowstone Ecosystem provide our annual backdrop for the Symposium. However, this year, it's all available at your own front door!

This year's Virtual Symposium will include Reps from Nikon and Tamron, joining our instructors this year as we present the best education in helping you understand and practice photographic skills. Our aim is to help you capture the best images directly out of camera, to understand and experience the wonder of wildlife, landscape and nature photography, and to take the knowledge that you learn with us and translate it to where you live and play.

Join us for a week of instruction that will change the way you look at photography! Check out the schedule in the link included for this year's Virtual Symposium, then join us from the comfort of your own home. May 10-15, 2021.


Next year's Yellowstone Photography Symposium will be held in West Yellowstone, Montana from May 9th-14th, 2022.


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