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Symposium Visiting Vendors

Here's a few of the friends joining us as sponsored vendors this year!

May 9-14, 2022 will see a variety of NEW Faces at our Annual Photography Symposium! Among them, we wanted to introduce you to some of our friends who will be joining us from our sponsors!

Many of you may have heard us speak of the extremely high quality prints that we prefer when it comes to selling our work, hanging it in our homes and galleries, or simply to have a print that shows off the value of our work. McKenna is the company that we prefer - and especially when it comes to the depth and quality in metal prints.

This year we are introducing you to Jared Mason, the president of McKenna, alongside of Paul Kestel, a seasoned photographer and print specialist, also from McKenna.

You can find Jared and Paul, teaching on Saturday morning in the Geyser Ball Room at the Holiday Inn West Yellowstone during the Symposium. You will also be fortunate to see then in the Vendor's Den (our spot for our lovely vendors of the Symposium) throughout the week starting Wednesday or Thursday. Be sure to stop in, ask questions, view the samples, and pick their brain. We are super excited to have these two join us and look forward to you meeting them as well.

Find out what McKenna can offer you as you seek to print your beautiful images!

You will also have the opportunity to visit with our friend, Jeff Mitchell, from Nikon. Jeff will be with us earlier in the week and will be instructing both Tuesday and Wednesday during the Symposium. For those of you with questions on Nikon gear and all the beautiful details - be sure to look for Jeff in the Vendor's Den Tuesday thru Thursday.

Canon shooters be sure to look for Jeff Jensen, Friday and Saturday at the Symposium. Jeff will be showing some of the latest gear from Canon's R series. You'll find Jeff hanging out in the Vendor's Den during Friday and Saturday's classes.

We are super stoked to have our very good friend, Marc Morris of Tamron USA returning, yet again! Marc holds the award for best Rock Star with the most room in his head for intelligent mind-blowing understanding of today's lens technology! He's also just plain cool (though he would never admit it). Marc will be joined by fellow "Tamronian" Jillian Bell. Both Marc and Jillian will be available throughout the week answering the questions of the universe - mostly pertaining to anything other than quantum physics.

You'll find Marc teaching on Astro Photography on Wednesday, May 11th and the Science of Today's Optics on Thursday, May 12th. Jillian has her own take on Composition and you can catch her Thursday morning starting us off.

Join Jillian as we go beyond basic composition. After discussing the types of composition, she will use image diagraming to demonstrate how utilizing placement, leading lines, and visual clues can better emphasis a subject. Look at how one image can change this emphasis in different ways. Jillian has a knack for cropping creatively based on the photos purpose. We’ll explore: Tension vs Resolution, Balance vs Asymmetry… and so much more.


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