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From Blasé to Wonder

Do you ever get so bored with seeing something amazing on Instagram and then you try to take the same image and somehow your landscape images just seem sucky? There is probably a fix to that - but we'll get to that later!

It's currently winter here in the Northwest and there have been days that just don't feel worth going out to shoot images...and then there are those days that the right foreground combined with that early morning sunrise would have been so breathtaking to capture!

Maybe you're like me and you would seriously like to capture the beauty of this world in those moments - but your images don't seem to represent what you're seeing. Well, let's get together and have a bit of a discussion. As many of you know, we have started doing monthly Q&A sessions with Christopher Balmer, live on Zoom. This month we will be adding a special Landscape Photography Q&A In-Store at Perfect Light Camera in Idaho Falls with Kevin Odette. This is your chance to stop in, no strings attached, and raise some of the questions that you have regarding the specific niche of Landscape Photography.

  1. You can bring your questions or submit them ahead of time to give Kevin a heads up. Just follow the link below to ask your questions.

  2. You can also bring in a few images if you'd prefer some helpful, constructive feedback on discerning composition or exposure.

  3. Enjoy some refreshments and snacks on us.

  4. Want to ask questions ahead of time: HERE's that LINK ⬇️

WHEN: Saturday, January 27th 2024

TIME: Anytime between 10am - 1pm

WHERE: Perfect Light Camera - In-Store

2169 E. 17th Street - Idaho Falls, ID 83404

WHO: Anyone with Questions regarding Landscape Photography

HOST: Kevin Odette


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